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Gary Joseph

Math, Science, Art, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other

Las Vegas, NV

  • Specialties:
    Math, Science, Art, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other
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    December 12, 2020
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$50 / per hour

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Remote & Zoom

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About Me

I am originally from the United Kingdom and moved to the United States on a teacher exchange program in 2000. I spent three years in North Carolina before moving to Las Vegas. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Elementary and Middle School Education and a Master of Education Degree in Primary Education (Elementary), Child Development and School Leadership. I obtained my Educational Doctoral Degree from North Central University. My dissertation focused on teachers’ perceptions of the role of recess. I concluded that recess is vital for the development of a child, not only physical, but emotionally, socially and academically too. I am passionate about education and consider myself a life-long learner who enjoys seeking new professional development opportunities.

Being a classroom teacher over the past 22 years has given me insight into what students and teachers need to succeed. My main experience is teaching K – 8 in both private and public schools. Recently I have been teaching and tutoring online. The students I am working with range from elementary to high school. I am teaching math, reading, writing, advanced math, language arts and social studies. I really enjoy teaching online and believe that this is the future of education.

I currently live in Las Vegas with my wife and 4 daughters. I love cycling and going for walks.
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