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Chandler Rombes

Math, Science, Homework Help, STEM/STEAM

Culver City, CA

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    Math, Science, Homework Help, STEM/STEAM
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    January 19, 2022
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About Me

Hello! My name is Chandler R. I completed my undergraduate at MIT as a physics major, then moved to California to continue my study in physics. I received a PhD from UCLA, where I spent 8 quarters as a teaching assistant (TA) in the physics department. As a TA, I lead discussion sessions, held office hours, and held test review sessions.

During graduate school, I also acquired more than 150 hours of tutoring experience in high school math and sciences, as well as college physics. I like to incorporating general skills (critical thinking, problem solving, and test taking) into tutoring sessions to help students exceed in all subjects. I love working with kids of all ages, skill levels, and abilities!

Math: In high school, I completed Calculus AB with a 5 on the AP test. I excelled on the SAT math section as well as completed the SAT math subject tests. In college, I took single and multi-variable calculus, as well as more advanced math classes. I personally love math, and want my students to feel the joy of understanding the fundamentals of a subject and using that to solve more advanced problems. I find it fun to work both with students who need help solidifying their fundamentals as well as students who want an extra challenge.

Physics: I perceive physics as an excellent way to hone logical thinking and problem solving skills. Understanding how to take key concepts and apply them to a variety of problems is a lifelong skill that will help no matter what the student’s interests are. I also love sharing my passion for learning how the world around us works! I have experience tutoring introductory physics courses by holding office hours as a teaching assistant at UCLA and tutoring UCLA college students.

I'd be happy to answer any follow-up questions about my experience and can't wait to meet you!
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