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Ilene Marks

English / Reading, Extracurricular / Other

San Jose, California

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    English / Reading, Extracurricular / Other
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    April 22, 2021
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About Me

Hi. I am a beloved, dynamic K-8th educator who has owned my own business since 2006. I teach many classes which might align with your programs. Public Speaking for 2-5th grade , now has 3 levels approx. 30+ lessons where students learn to improve their confidence, use their voice effectively and erase poor habits. Activities include poems, debates, jokes, tongue twisters and writing and articulating short speeches. Level 2 we work on a social action project etc. I also teach a Pre- Public Speaking for 1-3rd grade. All PS classes have been HUGE successes on Zoom.

Another class I created is writing enrichment for 2/3rd grade. I have 35+ lessons teaching various tools to improve narrative, informational and opinion writing. Again, highly successful on Zoom.

I hope we can start soon. Please read my YELP reviews on Empower! Thrive! More information on Warmly, Ilene Marks 408-838-4524
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