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Ruth Teeple

Foreign Language, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other

Pflugerville, TX

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    Foreign Language, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other
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    December 22, 2020
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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Ruth Teeple from Austin, Texas in the US! I have been an educator for about 10 years, my focus has always been early childhood and bilingual education (I was born in Mexico City and my first langauge is Spanish) but have taught all ages for the past couple of years.

I left the classroom to be with my daughter full time. I am currently a professional development trainer (Early Care) and I host trainings for early childhood educators, day care staff and directors. I also work with high school exchange students. I have enjoyed working with teens and adults the last few years. I love having jobs that allow me to care for my daughter. I also own my small business making learning activities. I love challenging myself and do expect that from my students.

I have 4 degrees;
-One associates (Trainer/English Language Teacher),
-Two bachelors (B.A. in education and B.S. in psychology) and one masters (educational technology with research on autism).

I have taught immersion, bilingual education, ESL and have been a private tutor for years.

I have been to 32 countries and counting!

I am passionate about education and personal growth. I am also an advocate for early intervention. I believe that we need to prepare children for jobs that don't exist yet. I want to help prepare them to accomplish their goals and become lifetime learners.

My greatest passion is psychology. My masters degree is in Educational technology but does include my final project which is research on technology and autism. I teach basic psychology on other platforms yet I am not certified but do have education on the subject. I am certified in the state of Texas as an EC-6 Bilingual Educator (Spanish) and taught in public education for 8 years.

I can help with basic psychology, Spanish, reading/writing and pretty much anything in between!

Any questions? Feel free to reach out!
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