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Heather Jones

Math, Science, Music, Art, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Special Education, Homework Help, Test Prep / SAT Prep, STEM/STEAM, Extracurricular / Other

Rincon, GA

  • Specialties:
    Math, Science, Music, Art, English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Special Education, Homework Help, Test Prep / SAT Prep, STEM/STEAM, Extracurricular / Other
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    September 2, 2020
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About Me

Planning, managing, developing, editing, writing, proofreading lesson plans and other documents, as well as educating students/adults of all ages, requiring leadership of programs/classes, communication, or administrative responsibilities. I currently hold a BA in History and have completed my Master’s in Public Administration. The positions that I have been fortunate to obtain and as a recent owner, director, planner, decorator, interior designer, educator/teacher, mentor, colleague, friend, and active citizen within my community, I consider a privilege. I currently enjoy flexibility in being employed by Varsity Tutors and certified to teach, as well as qualified in over 150 subject areas, including TEFL, SPED, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and other learning challenge areas. Events that I have planned and expertly executed have been with professionalism, uniqueness, and overall design aspect. Courses and classes that I have taught, activities completed, and programs that I have been able to implement all required administrative skills/knowledge and development of budgets/programs and allowed for the implementation of unique ideas that would prove beneficial to many. Involvement in so many various programs has given me the platform to be able to teach, speak, develop grade-appropriate curriculum and activities, courses, and other classes. The classes, and special speaking engagements, often led to success and personal development for the attendees. While teaching, I enjoyed writing and creating lesson plans for various grade levels with unique activities, creative presentations, and more. As a wife and mom of a college graduate and a daughter whose passion is “horses,” 4-H, etc., I find myself immersed in these things as well. I consider myself to be a very extroverted person and feel I have the leadership training, knowledge, and personality to enhance and lead any program that I am blessed to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoy planning, teaching, evaluating, implementing programs and have many ideas for programs. Teaching and learning skills, earning certifications, expanding my vocabulary daily, allow me to keep my education, technological advances, and skills as well as knowledge of social media current. Finally, having the privilege of being a Coast Guard wife and traveling the continental United States for the past 22 years, as well as being a stay-home- mom for 20 years, allowed for volunteering, leading, directing, owning my own businesses, and starting/directing many programs. I believe there is not more significant way to learn about such a diverse nation than to share in the many amazing experiences that were presented. I do enjoy editing, writing, and reading reports, thesis papers, articles, stories, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as have a deep love for literature. English as a second language has become something that I find myself enjoying teaching, writing lesson plans, and executing them as well. The most recent completion of the TEFL certification course and currently working on becoming a certified Google Classroom Educator.
As you will see from the enclosed resume, I have more than 22 years of experience in the fields of Education and Administration. One will find that my resume shows consistency working hard, mostly in volunteer organizations, and having always increased my responsibilities. The credentials that I have are a direct result of my expertise in the fields listed, as well as my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and continually striving to learn and even further develop excellent written and oral communication skills.
If you are interested in a dedicated professional with the required credentials, outgoing personality, and positive attitude, then I look forward to working with your family and meeting your educational needs.

Heather W Jones
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