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Sherri Nelson

Math, English / Reading

Kings Mountain, North Carolina

  • Specialties:
    Math, English / Reading
  • Member Since:
    May 20, 2021
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$60 / per hour

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Pre K


Middle School


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Remote & Zoom

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  • Bachelor's Degree
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  • Master's Degree

About Me

I am a K-12 Reading Specialist with National Board Certification in Reading. I am proud to be an educator and a reading specialist/diagnostician, although I enjoy teaching elementary math, science, and social studies as well. There's nothing better than lighting a spark and watching the fire blaze. My true passion is encouraging, inspiring, & growing learners; it's what I do!

Is your child unmotivated or hasn't found learning meaningful? Allow me to use my 28 years of experience and success to ignite excitement for academics and build a relationship so that he/she can gain confidence and find learning rewarding and valuable.

My lessons are fast-paced, targeted, lively, and fun. I am skilled with growing struggling learners in all subject areas. I am in the process of obtaining my dyslexia training certificate. I am state certified and, as I stated above, I have my National Board certification.

I cannot wait to open up more doors for your child and watch him/her soar! Can't wait to hear from you!
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