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Debra Fein

English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other

, NJ

Debra Fein
  • Specialties:
    English / Reading, History / Social Studies, Extracurricular / Other
  • Member Since:
    February 20, 2021
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About Me

. I am a competent, capable and seasoned teacher. I have both the experience and background in providing individual learning strategies, which takes into account children’s unique learning styles, their strengths and their weaknesses. I have found that with support and encouragement, children can be helped to maximize their potentials when lessons are tailored to meet both the course requirements and each child’s needs, for the young ones especially through learning centers. Learning should be presented in a fun filled way. My experience has always included as much interactive learning as possible in all curriculum areas. I would be committed to providing the same academic excellence to the students in your school.

I’ve always been well regarded as an educator by both parents and administration. Educational evaluations have all been good.
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