By Sherrie Perkovich, The Teacher Marketplace

Teacher Marketplace: support covid-education
Teacher Marketplace: a guide to covid-education changes

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

  • Study Space: Set up a dedicated learning area for your child that is well organized and where supplies are easily accessible. Separate this area from play or rest areas and away from distractions.
  • Dress the Part: Encourage participation by making sure your child is well dressed, comfortable, clean and well fed.
  • Set Up: Make sure your child’s name appears on their zoom screens and that the screen is set up properly, accessible and comfortable.
  • Punctuality: Be respectful of the teacher’s time and your child’s classmates by being on time. Make sure your child is organized and prepared for the day’s lesson and eliminates distraction to other students by arriving late.

Encourage Independence But Stay Accessible

  • Work Hard: Encourage your child do their own work. This is how the child learns, grows and gains confidence. When adults do their children’s work, the child may feel inadequate or as if they failed the assignment.
  • Control: Let your child take control of the zoom by making sure they know how to use the mute button and other functions like hand raising or chat boxes. Double check that the teacher is permissioned to mute or unmute your child to ensure the session runs smoothly.
  • Set Up: Use helpful equipment and tools like headsets, so that your child feels as connected to the session as possible.
  • Accessible: Make sure an adult is available and nearby to assist with any technical support, for general supervision and emotional encouragement as needed.

Be Tolerant and Ask For Help

  • Be Flexible: Remember, remote learning can be very difficult for children. Be flexible and do not be afraid to ask teachers for advice if you find your child is lacking interest or having difficulties learning.
  • Give Notice: If you find children do not want to come to the computer or participate, email teachers for advice and support in advance
  • Allow Breaks: Remember to give your child breaks when needed. During breaks try encouraging physical activities, resting or snacks to keep their energy levels up. Make sure that you mute their mic and turn off the camera during break time. This allows them to fully disconnect for a few minutes and reset.

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