Q: What is The Teacher Marketplace? 

A: We are an online platform connecting teachers/tutors and families/students across the country for remote and in-person private teaching/tutoring opportunities. 

Q: How do I sign up? 

A: New users simply fill out the registration form on-site. Users can register as a Teacher or Family. Upon registration, you will receive an email with your username and password to activate your account. If you don’t see the email, please be sure to check your spam folder 🙂 . 

Q: I’m having issues with profile creation, resume / picture upload, password, or logging in. Who do I contact to fix? 

A: Please contact our customer support at CS@theteachermarketplace.com and a customer service representative will get back to you ASAP! 

Q: Do I need to pay anything to create a profile? 

A: No. Families and Teachers can join the site for free.

Q: I’m a teacher. What do I do after I create a profile? 

A: After you create a profile, you are in the system and a part of the TTM community! Interested families will then contact you on the website about potential employment opportunities.  Teachers receive an email when they are messaged or a booking is requested but make sure to regularly check the site as well!

Q: How do teachers get paid and what are the fees? 

A: There are no fees for teachers. You earn 100% of your rate. TTM charges families a service charge of 10% so for a $20/hour session, the teacher will receive $20 and the family will be charged $22. Teachers and families pay and transact directly on the TTM website. TTM accepts all major credit cards and uses the credit card info and Stripe to transfer funds from families to teachers. After a teacher confirms a booking, the family will be prompted to pay for the session to complete the transaction. The teacher’s earnings and payment withdrawal are done from the My Earnings tab on the teacher’s profile. 

Q: What is the Teacher Referral Program?

A: In addition to earning money from tutoring sessions, teachers can earn by referring students to the site! With our referral program, TTM splits the profits with the teachers 50/50 for any and all family/student referrals! Teachers should visit the My Referrals tab of their profile to obtain their unique referral code and see how it works!

Q: Will my information be available to the public? 

A: Users will only be able to view your profile which will not include your address or email. If you choose to attach your resume, users will be able to view that as well. Please reference our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Q: Does TTM background check teachers?

A: The Teacher Marketplace works with Sterling to background check teachers. Teachers who have been background checked will display a badge or shield on their profile page.  Teachers who do not have the background check badge, have not been background checked. Learn more about Sterling, here: Sterling – Background Checks and Background Screening (sterlingcheck.com)

Q: How do teachers’ state licenses or credentials affect their ability to connect with families? 

A: The Teacher Marketplace is not affiliated or associated with any public school system. We are simply connecting tutors/teachers and families. Each family independently makes the decision to hire a teacher for remote or in-person lessons.

Q: How do families find teachers? 

A: Families find teachers based on a number of criteria including location, availability, rate, subject taught, age group taught. Families will then connect with teachers they are interested in.

Q: Can teachers book other teachers as tutors? I have children who need tutoring!

A: Yes! Teachers have the ability to book sessions on our platform as well.

Q: How do I get notified about teaching opportunities from families? 

A: You will be messaged directly on our website by families who are interested in your services. Teachers and families are alerted via email when a booking has been requested, confirmed, and paid for.

Q: Are teachers considered Independent Contractors or employees of TTM? 

A: The Teacher Marketplace is simply a platform to connect teachers and families. The company does not employ any teachers. The terms of employment are decided between the family and the teacher. We expect that in some instances this may lead to full time employment and in others would be considered independent contractors. Each situation is different and dictated by the agreement between the family and teacher.

Q: Does your platform offer in-person or remote teaching opportunities? 

A: We are connecting teachers with families for both in-person and remote tutoring. 

Q: What rate should I charge? What is the average rate? 

A: Teachers have the ability to set their own rates and their own terms. It’s totally up to you! Each situation is different but most teachers on our site charge between $10 and $50 per hour. 

Q: Is The Teacher Marketplace a charity?

A: No. We are a for-profit company but we donate 10% of all profits to a non-profit focused on teachers and education,  Educators for Excellence (e4e.org).

Q: How does TTM make money?

A: The company charges families a 10% fee to book and process each transaction.