Discover Science In Your Neighborhood

With a little imagination, even the most ordinary neighborhood walk can be turned into an exciting exploration! Science surrounds us; from chemistry to physics, science is our window to understanding the world. Discover more of the natural world with these five fun ways to turn a walk into a science exploration.

10 Most Common Problems Teens Face in 2021

Only a few decades ago, the most common problems teens faced were finding a career path and starting a family. In fact, the word “teenager” wasn’t even a thing until the 1920s. Today, however, teens are facing problems unique to our time. Here are the 10 most common problems teens face in 2021.

The Best Foreign Language Apps for 2021

Written by Alexis Nicols for ParentologyWith many schools set on home-schooling and New Years Resolutions fast approaching, parents and regular folks alike are searching for educational resources. Many are turning to apps and websites — especially when it comes to learning a foreign language, which can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. So, with that in mind,…

Partnering with Parents in Remote Learning

Written by Elizabeth O’Driscoll Working Together No one signed up for a year of learning remotely, but one thing that teachers never fail to do is rise to the occasion. It is the final quarter and many teachers are exhausted but they are still looking for ways to be better educators and help their students…

College Essay Topics to Avoid

Almost every teen tackling their college admissions essay has heard the same advice: Beware of the cliché topic! But sometimes the list of college essay topics to avoid seems all-encompassing. Avoid writing about sports and extracurriculars, difficult classes, people and books you admire, death and divorce, pets, immigration, travel, service projects… it goes on. What else is left? Read on to find out what to actually avoid, and how to write about a chosen subject without treading into dreaded cliché land.

Virtual Learning Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

By Kristina Cappetta, Parentology.com When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and schools across the country were forced to shut down, students became introduced to the world of remote classes, many for the first time. Parents struggled to just get Zoom working and didn’t think about teaching their kids any safety tips for virtual learning. Now, almost…

Tips To Parents For Remote Learning For Kids

By Sherrie Perkovich, The Teacher Marketplace Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! Study Space: Set up a dedicated learning area for your child that is well organized and where supplies are easily accessible. Separate this area from play or rest areas and away from distractions. Dress the Part: Encourage participation by making sure your child is well dressed,…